Rod MacDonald und Mark Dann

21.04.2024, 19:00 Uhr

„Fast American Folkmusic“ und wunderschöne Balladen.

Endlich kommt Rod MacDonald wieder auf Europa-Tournee. Mit seiner einzigartigen Stimme verzaubert er sein Pulbikum.

Der legendäre Songwriter aus dem New Yorker Greenwich Village mit Wahlheimat Florida hat mehr als ein Dutzend engagierter CDs veröffentlicht, bereits mehrmals Europa bereist und gehört zu den grossen Namen der aktuellen Songwriterszene der USA.

Mehr Informationen zu Rod MacDonald.

Lee Zimmerman—Indie Spotlight Augst 2023 – Goldmine magazine

Rod MacDonald was a seminal part of the 1980s Greenwich Village folk revival and a co-founder of the Greenwich Village Folk Festival. Given the fact that his songs focus on sociological issues much like the folksingers of old, he can be considered a purist in the strictest sense. His songs have circulated amongst his fellow folkies courtesy of covers by Dave Van Ronk, Shawn Colvin, Jonathan Edwards, Joe Jencks, and Garnet Rogers, among the many. His latest release, Rants and Romance, consists of a series of songs flush with astute observations and commentary on the current stage of politics and populism at a time when courtesy and common sense seem to have gone wholly astray. The material is pointed and prophetic, with melodies that ring, resonate and make emphatic impressions. MacDonalds’ allegiance to folk tradition is clear and compelling throughout, courtesy of the determined delivery shared in such pertinent pieces as “The Pandemic,” “Dangerous Game,” Lady of the Harbor,” “Heal the World” and “Cry Freedom.” MacDonald’s rallying cries not only deserve to be heard, but to be heeded as well.

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